Days 3 & 4: Chocolate drama, a jumper bag and RECIPES!

It’s only day 4 and I’m amazed at how much brain space this challenge is taking up… I’m sure that once I’m back at work it’ll be easier; I probably just have too much time to think about it all! The last two days have been enlightening, and full of plastic-free excitement.

Yesterday we did lots of pottering around – collecting wood for our wood-burner (long-term plastic-free project!), gardening and cooking. I was pretty chuffed with my sustainable presents for friends’ housewarmings: baby basil plants and chocolate truffles. I hadn’t bought plastic-free chocolate as we already had loads in, but then I felt guilty about not putting the wrappers in my jar… nooooo… After a disproportionate amount of angst, I’ve resolved to buy an equal amount of plastic-free chocolate which I’ll leave in the cupboard for the month. Sorted.

Speaking of the jar… it is very sadly no longer empty. If you’re reading, Marine Conservation Society (“A day, a week, a month – how long can you last?”), I’m sorry I have failed you, but I’m going to defy you and carry on anyway! I am disappointed that the jar didn’t stay empty longer, but compared to the massive bag of plastic that my partner’s already accrued, and the massive effort it’s taken, I’m happy with my progress, and wasn’t expecting to use no SUPs at all. In case you’re wondering, it contains a piece of cellotape from a compostable bag of beans, a dishwasher tablet wrapper (recyclable, and not a sacrifice I am yet willing to make!!) and wrapping from my Splosh delivery (annoyed about this one, more on that on a later post!)

Time in the kitchen was well spent, making granola, rhubarb and ginger tea, peach juice, the truffles and a joyous meal of shoving stuff in a pan and it turning out lovely. So lovely that I forgot to actually focus the camera when I took a photo… ah well! Easy recipes below.

Today’s SUP avoidance consisted of drinking my own water at a race, rather than using a plastic cup (easy), asking for no straw at a restaurant (turns out Lolo’s in Ramsbottom have biodegradable ones, as well as tasty food! Score!) and tying the arms of my jumper together to make a makeshift bag because we got caught short… Good thing we weren’t just in t-shirts!!


As a thank you for reading my blog, I thought I’d share some super easy recipes for you to enjoy. The first two are naturally plastic-free, the third may require work!

These recipes have now been moved here.



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