Day 2: No more freebies, no more crisps…

It’s the morning of day 2 of the Plastic Challenge and I thought it was time I shared my (vague) parameters I’ve set myself, bearing in mind the reasons I’m doing this challenge. The definition of single-use plastics (SUPs) seems simple enough until you come to reusable items, e.g. my plastic kilo tub of peanut butter that I always reuse lots of times, Swedish Glace ice cream tubs, or a pasta bag (yep I’ve started reusing those instead of buying sandwich bags). So here are my guidelines:

1. Don’t buy or accept plastic – broadening this from SUPs makes more sense in my head, and I’m fairly confident I can survive not buying a Chewbacca Keepcup until the end of the month. (Seriously though, check it out). I say accept, because I’m likely to be offered ‘free’ stuff like straws and plastic cups. (I say ‘free’ because everything comes at a cost to someone, like this turtle. Upsetting scene at the link) Things I already own are up to my discretion, e.g. I have more tiny shampoo bottles than Ross Gellar, so it feels extravagant and wasteful to buy more at this point… same with herbs and spices

2. If I’ve bought it/accepted it in June, it goes in the jar.

Yesterday I did a tentative supermarket shop – I definitely feel like I need to be more prepared and willing to compromise, but it went well…you can see what I bought on my instagram. The chilli jam was because I wanted some sweet chilli sauce but they all had some form of SUP, but the substitute worked out pretty well. I’m steeling myself for lots of moments of indignation at completely unnecessary packaging. I’m already mourning the loss of crisps and vegan butter, two staples that I’ll have to learn to live without!

I’ve got a To Do list now, which involves some research and field trips to keep this interesting for us all, and I’ll be drawing on the expertise of various people I know too. It won’t be all potatoes and oats!


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